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Please Help Fund Our Efforts!!!

We are still $6,000 short of our fundraising goal.  You may conveniently donate through credit or debit card in the SECURE PAYPAL LINK ON THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THIS SITE, or by sending a check into the office address listed below the text.  Thank you for helping make service affordable to all participants, even in these difficult economic times!

Donations mailed to the address below are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  For TAX ID NUMBER please contact and we will ensure you have it ASAP!

Dear Family and Friends,

The Alternative Spring Break program at George Washington University is unique in providing students with an alcohol and substance free opportunity to engage both domestic and international communities through ‘hands on’ volunteer experiences during breaks to create active citizens and promote life-long learning.  Each trip is entirely planned, led, and funded by students.

Since the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, over 300 GW students have traveled to New Orleans to continue rebuilding devastated communities with Habitat for Humanity.  All the students had an incredibly profound experience through this program.   This winter’s returning four student leaders desire wholeheartedly to share this life-altering opportunity and calling to serve with over 100 of our peers this year.

This break is truly alternative.  It is an escape from the stereotype of the traditional college spring break, and participating students have the rare opportunity of dedicating an entire week to service.  This trip is both incredibly safe and void of those substances or activities that would jeopardize both the focus and purpose of the service-learning experience or the safety of the participants.

What happens on these trips is a paradigm shift unique to the Alternative Break environment.  It has become a catalyst for future service.  Past volunteers decided to change majors, become involved in DC service organizations, lead one of the 13 other trips in this rapidly expanding Alternative Breaks program, and/or apply and be accepted to the Peacecorps or Americorps.

In order to keep this service-based experience affordable so all students can experience it; we seek to fundraise $6,000.  These funds go directly toward transportation, food, and the cost of staying at Camp Hope, a newly built volunteer center.  We are planning quite a few fundraisers here on campus, but we still need your help so that we may travel to the region and “reNew Orleans”!  We understand these are tough economic times, but we guarantee that your donation is an investment that will pay great dividends not only to these inspired GW students, but to the communities of New Orleans, and to whomever comes in contact with these students for years to come as this incredibly rewarding experience will, indeed, remain with them for a lifetime.

Information on how to donate is below.  If you could support in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the trip leaders at Thank you for your time and any support you could give!


Divya, Laura, Chris, Christina

The 2010 AWB New Orleans Trip Leaders

Send Tax Deductible Gifts by Cash or Checks (made payable to GWU“, memo: AWB New Orleans“) tO:

Office of Community Service, Attn: Shannon Donahue
2129 G Street NW Bldg D, Suite 101,  Washington DC, 20052